Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Sunshine Rays Given


Blogger Michelle shined ... (9/13/2006 12:08 AM) : 

That can't be the same kitty! All I can say is he is really well fed! LOL.

Blogger The Flip Flop Mamma! shined ... (9/13/2006 12:20 AM) : 

Wow! That cat got fat!!! LOL! You must be taking great care of him/her!!

Anonymous Jen shined ... (9/13/2006 12:33 AM) : 

very clever entry
what a cute kitten and a very fluffy cat

Anonymous ~ Stacy ~ shined ... (9/13/2006 1:18 AM) : 

Oh my gosh! I'd say that's one healthy and happy puddy tat.

Thanks for stopping by my WW; hope you have a wonderful day!

Anonymous Rav`N shined ... (9/13/2006 1:23 AM) : 

Gorgeous blue eyes on the kitty but boy did it get fat.

Anonymous Tricia shined ... (9/13/2006 1:32 AM) : 

LOL great how that cute little kitty turns into lazy fluffy ball of fur isn't it? :)

Thanks for visiting my sites! Yes I do grow that rose (As the garden grows) in my yard. It's one of my favorites. Oh who am I kidding ... there all my favs. :) Check out the squirrels that hang out in my garden on Tricia's Musings. LOL

Blogger Lynn shined ... (9/13/2006 1:53 AM) : 

That's Cool!

"Here Kitty, Kitty....Play Dead!"

Really fluffy cat. I wonder if my Son's new tabby will get fluffy?

Anonymous eph2810 shined ... (9/13/2006 3:14 AM) : 

That is just too funny. I knew that dogs like to 'play dead', but have never seen a cat to it. Thank you for the late night smile...

Anonymous Kailani shined ... (9/13/2006 3:40 AM) : 

It's one of those "Do I look fat like this?" That kitty is so cute!

Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD shined ... (9/13/2006 6:22 AM) : 

Cute kitty. What happened? Is he dead or playing dead?
Thanks for visiting.

Blogger Lori shined ... (9/13/2006 6:57 AM) : 

Wow, must of been a really good eater! LOL Around here we like 'em plump. Thanks for sharing.

Blogger celebrating life and family shined ... (9/13/2006 7:23 AM) : 

Great photo.Very pretty cat. Love those blue eyes.Mine is up.

Blogger monica shined ... (9/13/2006 7:37 AM) : 

Great photo!!!

Blogger Viamarie shined ... (9/13/2006 7:54 AM) : 

Very cute!

Thanks for dropping by. Happy Wednesday.

Blogger Wystful1 shined ... (9/13/2006 8:20 AM) : 

great picture!!!
How you've managed to capture the kitty's eyes without the camera light glare, I'll never know!!! My pics of my kitties always have those 'glowing' eyes. Yours is a treasure.

My W W is posted

Blogger TC shined ... (9/13/2006 8:38 AM) : 

What a great pic! Great WW! Mine is up too and I am celebrating my blogiversary today!

Blogger Deb shined ... (9/13/2006 9:07 AM) : 

LOL! That's what my Elvis is going to look like if we don't put him on a diet soon ;~)

Loved it and I hope you have a great Wednesday. Mine's up, too :))

Blogger Lazy Daisy shined ... (9/13/2006 9:12 AM) : 

Oh My.....He blew up! What a huge kitty!

Anonymous Ma shined ... (9/13/2006 9:13 AM) : 

What a cutie. So nice and fluffy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous guppyman shined ... (9/13/2006 9:27 AM) : 

That second picture looks like it ate quite a few of the first one....

Blogger Tammy and Parker shined ... (9/13/2006 11:16 AM) : 

Too fun! That was a cute idea.

Blogger Beckie shined ... (9/13/2006 11:27 AM) : 

WOW...what did he swallow???? Really great pic.

Happy Wednesday. I'm up at

Blogger fivetimemom shined ... (9/13/2006 11:42 AM) : 

So funny, made me laugh out loud....

Blogger Cat shined ... (9/13/2006 12:32 PM) : 

That's great! I like how you did that...a kitten and then...!!

Blogger Lynn shined ... (9/13/2006 2:43 PM) : 

Back again to tell you I have decided to create a one time only blogroll! It will be called show us your fridge!
I will blog the details tomorrow.
Are you up for it?!

Blogger Debby shined ... (9/13/2006 3:24 PM) : 

What can I say? Incredibly sweet! Love the kitties!
Happy Wednesday!

Blogger MysteriousLady shined ... (9/13/2006 3:26 PM) : 

Awwwwwwwww too cute! Happy WW!

Blogger YellowRose shined ... (9/13/2006 5:13 PM) : 

Too cute, a fat cat! LOL

Happy Wednesday!

Blogger on the Rock shined ... (9/13/2006 7:47 PM) : 

Oh gosh!

Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser shined ... (9/13/2006 8:58 PM) : 

Oh no, some giant cat ate the little kitten... ;-)

What a cat, living a good life hah?

Blogger Just Expressing Myself shined ... (9/13/2006 10:54 PM) : 

What a purrfect puffball.
That's for cruising by my WW
Take care,

Blogger Brony shined ... (9/14/2006 12:23 AM) : 

So cute. Reminds me of one of my old cats.

My very first WW is up.

Blogger Carol shined ... (9/14/2006 8:34 AM) : 

Sorry this is so late...just wanted to tell you I love your kitty! Such a precious photo...

Hope you're having a great week.


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