Monday, September 18, 2006


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Here for your critiqing pleasure are two shots of my fridge front and side! The white spots are where I turned my pictures around. Don't want to share those special shots. Just know they are of family and pets!

My fridge is always messy. I clean it off every 3 months or so. I do rotate the pictures with new ones as they come along. We keep two lists up so that there is always a place to write what groceries we are out of. My sons work schedule is posted along with a birthday/anniversary reminder list. I try to keep the main door clear so that things don't fall off as we open and close it!

So what does my fridge say about me?

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Blogger Lynn shined ... (9/18/2006 12:31 PM) : 

Wow. This is an organized show of "flash"
I think you are organized and have alot going on in your life.
I think you are really proud of your family, by the number of photos you desire to look at every day.
You ahve taking the time out to find really good magnets so stuff doesn't slip.
You are a list person, and you want to be able to glance at these lists often and you don't want to be bothered with a ToDo book where you would have to flip through pages to find what you want.
Thanks for Taking The Challenge!

Anonymous Lisa shined ... (9/18/2006 5:09 PM) : 

You are a total list person and must have things written down. Your family keeps you very busy and you are very proud of them. :-)

Blogger Norma shined ... (9/21/2006 9:33 AM) : 

My frig won't hold magnets, so it is super clean!

Blogger JO shined ... (9/21/2006 11:41 AM) : 

here's mine, entry dated April 2006

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