Saturday, September 09, 2006


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This weeks theme: FOOD
This is food found laying on the ground in my yard.
It is animal food fit for a squirrel king or two!

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Blogger Carol shined ... (9/08/2006 10:31 PM) : 

Dear Sunshine,

I like your take on this week's topic. I would have never thought of this..these are great shots. The squirrels in your backyard should feel very lucky! LOL.

Mine is up now too.

Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD shined ... (9/08/2006 10:55 PM) : 

Wow! Fresh acorns. We don't see that here often. We have the dried ones that are being used for Christmas decors.

Anonymous Ma shined ... (9/08/2006 11:01 PM) : 

That's great! The squirrels must surely be happy.

I'm up too.

Blogger Teena shined ... (9/08/2006 11:45 PM) : 

Can I have pizza instead? :)

Mine's up!

Anonymous Caroline shined ... (9/08/2006 11:50 PM) : 

Neat take on the food theme.

Mine is up.

Blogger Pamela shined ... (9/09/2006 12:34 AM) : 

Oh, how creative...acorns for the squirrels. They sure make an interesting pic when they are all put together like that. :)

Blogger YellowRose shined ... (9/09/2006 1:01 AM) : 

Very cool shots! Mine is up!

Blogger Connie and Rob shined ... (9/09/2006 1:21 AM) : 

Really great pictures!

Take care,

My photo is up.

Blogger Lindsay shined ... (9/09/2006 1:23 AM) : 

You must have a great camera.. these are some great pics!
Mines up

Anonymous michael shined ... (9/09/2006 2:04 AM) : 

great post

Blogger mar shined ... (9/09/2006 3:30 AM) : 

Wonderful take on this week's theme and great pics!

Anonymous Pat shined ... (9/09/2006 4:08 AM) : 

Oh great photos!! And great take on the this week's theme.

Anonymous Dani shined ... (9/09/2006 5:51 AM) : 

Great photo!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Blogger Lazy Daisy shined ... (9/09/2006 7:55 AM) : 

Wow, lots of potential oak trees there!

Blogger Karen shined ... (9/09/2006 8:23 AM) : 

In our yard the squirrels eat the bird food, but I have seen them in their natural environment eating stuff like this and they look so cute!

My photo is up, too.

Anonymous Denise shined ... (9/09/2006 8:49 AM) : 

I rarely see acorns on the ground around here...the squirrels get to them too quickly! :)

Blogger Irish Church Lady :) shined ... (9/09/2006 9:20 AM) : 

Aw squirrel food. I wasn't expecting to see that this morning. LOL Very good!

Anonymous Lisa shined ... (9/09/2006 9:33 AM) : 

Very creative. I've always loved acorns and used to collect buckets full of them each fall.

Blogger Expat Traveler shined ... (9/09/2006 10:08 AM) : 

too cute! yeah the squirrels are definitely packing it in for winter right now. I'm laughing at them as they do it..

mines up .

Blogger barman shined ... (9/09/2006 10:48 AM) : 

Oh so perfect. Today while visiting peoples hunt entries I looked up and there were not one (which I often see) but two squirrels on my deck and one of them had two nuts in it's mouth. To bad I did not have the camera ready.

Very nice food picture. Very creative.

Blogger Deb shined ... (9/09/2006 11:05 AM) : 

Great pics!!

Blogger on the Rock shined ... (9/09/2006 11:30 AM) : 

Bueatiful pics! Can't wait to go on a photo hunt day trip!

Blogger Maribeth shined ... (9/09/2006 11:33 AM) : 

Great picture!!!

Blogger J shined ... (9/09/2006 11:39 AM) : 

Great shots. Not really making me crave those though. ;-)

Mine's up.

Blogger Viamarie shined ... (9/09/2006 11:53 AM) : 

This is what I don't get to see in our country.

My photo is up too.

Blogger Gattina shined ... (9/09/2006 11:57 AM) : 

Happy squirels in your garden ! Would be something to look at for my cats !

Blogger TNChick shined ... (9/09/2006 12:11 PM) : 

I had an acron tree in my yard and it was such a mess... hehe acrons everywhee!

Blogger TNChick shined ... (9/09/2006 12:11 PM) : 

acorns! oops. not once but twice!

Blogger GoofyJ shined ... (9/09/2006 12:18 PM) : 

Great photo! I really like this one :) Mine's up

Blogger mackeydoodle shined ... (9/09/2006 12:54 PM) : 

That's just nuts!!!!

Blogger MysteriousLady shined ... (9/09/2006 12:59 PM) : 

Great take on the theme! Awesome pics.

Blogger Lori shined ... (9/09/2006 1:11 PM) : 

Wow, neat photos. Bet the squirrels love you! Thanks for visiting me and sharing your nuts! LOL

Anonymous Wystful 1 shined ... (9/09/2006 2:16 PM) : 

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, squirrel food. I remember the cute little critter from the movie "Ice Age"........all through the movie he has this ONE acorn!!! rofl

Mine's posted

Blogger Carmen shined ... (9/09/2006 3:49 PM) : 

Those squirrels should be all set for winter by the looks of it. :)

Blogger Never That Easy shined ... (9/09/2006 4:04 PM) : 

Sunshine -

What a twist on today's theme: it's always so interesting to see what people come up with! Thanks so much for visiting. Have a great week!

Blogger Lynn shined ... (9/09/2006 8:26 PM) : 

this fits my one perfectly!


Anonymous Traci shined ... (9/09/2006 11:11 PM) : 

I absolutely love this! The shades of brown and the textures are gorgeous! You turned the simple into the spectacular. This is my favorite photo this week.
My photo is up. :)

Blogger Deb shined ... (9/10/2006 10:25 AM) : 

I'm sure the squirrels are happy!!
Thanks for visiting my PH :))

Anonymous Lissette shined ... (9/10/2006 9:50 PM) : 

That great! Love the spin you took on this one.

Anonymous eija shined ... (9/11/2006 3:45 AM) : 

You did a great choice :D Squirrel kings... Hehe

Anonymous Janet shined ... (9/11/2006 7:43 AM) : 

what a great take and fall picture!

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