Friday, September 08, 2006


Name 3 things that you are wearing today.

Socks, undies, housedress

Who was the last person you hugged?

My Hubby

What do you like to order from your favorite fast food place?

Wendy's Single, fries and a small frostie

Main Course
What time of day do you usually feel most energized?

Early when I first get up! By mid noon I have no energy at all and it is nap time!

Using the letters in your first name, write a sentence. (Example: Sweet unusual spaniels are nice.)

Super ugly ninjas saying hello is not easy!

Want to play too? Go here --> FRIDAY FEAST

Sunshine Rays Given

Rays Returned "FRIDAY FEAST #110"

Blogger Pittchick shined ... (9/07/2006 10:54 PM) : 

Lots of hunnies are getting hugs tonight! Happy Feast!

Anonymous Jenny shined ... (9/08/2006 12:03 AM) : 

Oh man how I wish I had energy in the mornings! Thanks for the Feast!

Blogger Killired shined ... (9/08/2006 12:13 AM) : 

hi there! i do ff too and mine is up!

a frosty sounds good right about now.. have you tried the new vanilla one? it's boring... tastes just like a regular vanilla milkshake!

Blogger Pilot Mom shined ... (9/08/2006 12:22 AM) : 

I was going to ask if you have tried the new vanilla frostie...

Great Feast!

Blogger Christine shined ... (9/08/2006 12:27 AM) : 

I just love Wendy's Frosties!
Your dessert was really Funny Lovely Feast, Thankyou!

Blogger Higher shined ... (9/08/2006 1:07 AM) : 

I used to love Wendy'd frosty...but they loved me back and wanted to hang around forever on different parts of my midsection =)

Luvved the dessert ;)

Anonymous Kailani shined ... (9/08/2006 1:30 AM) : 

Great job on the dessert! LOL!

Anonymous Caylynn shined ... (9/08/2006 2:45 AM) : 

Nice feast. :) I last hugged hubby too. :) Oooh - Wendy's Frostys - haven't had one of those is years!

Blogger Susanna shined ... (9/08/2006 4:38 AM) : 

Very good indeed! Come dine with me.

Blogger Connie and Rob shined ... (9/08/2006 4:42 AM) : 

Just loving your dessert. I just get way too stressed on this question.

Take care,

My feast is up.

Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD shined ... (9/08/2006 5:11 AM) : 

Enjoyed your dessert.
My feast is served too. Come feast with me.

Blogger Marianne Arkins shined ... (9/08/2006 5:37 AM) : 

Morning people unite! I'm with you...

Have a great day (and a frosty).

I'm up.

Blogger Melli shined ... (9/08/2006 6:39 AM) : 

Yep! I'm a morning gal too! Oooo... Frosty's! Mmmmmm... Oh, but YOUR dessert was good too! ;)

Blogger TC shined ... (9/08/2006 7:31 AM) : 

I am a morning girl too! Great feast. I couldn't do the dessert with my on-line name, Twisted Cinderella has just too many darned letters. So I revealed my real name for the first time ever on my blog

Blogger Jodi shined ... (9/08/2006 7:58 AM) : 

Mmmmm your feast was delish! The salad was very good!!

Come dine with me!

Happy Friday!

Blogger Judy shined ... (9/08/2006 8:43 AM) : 

Good morning, Sunshine. Good feast. I think we need to make a Frosty's run.

Blogger Wystful1 shined ... (9/08/2006 9:15 AM) : 

My feast is served. Happy Friday to you!

Mmmmmmmmmm, I love their frosties too!!

Anonymous Jessica shined ... (9/08/2006 9:26 AM) : 

I feel most energized in the mornings too! LOL

BTW...this is my first time to your blog...feel free to stop by and say hello on mine as well!

Anonymous Ma shined ... (9/08/2006 10:12 AM) : 

Great feast. I love mornings too.

I'm up

Anonymous Barbara H. shined ... (9/08/2006 11:39 AM) : 

This was my first feast to participate in -- it was fun!

Wendy's single and fries were my choice, too -- unfortunately I can't eat dairy any more, so no more frosties. :(

Anonymous amy shined ... (9/08/2006 1:05 PM) : 

that was a great FF, i want to be creative!

Blogger Debby shined ... (9/08/2006 2:43 PM) : 

Your dessert is great!
Happy Friday!

Blogger Margaret shined ... (9/08/2006 5:46 PM) : 

Yum!! Great feast, Wendy's sounds great. How 'ya doin? -Margie

Blogger Incog & Nito shined ... (9/08/2006 5:54 PM) : 

mmm wendys souns nice - like dessert too.

Blogger on the Rock shined ... (9/08/2006 7:51 PM) : 

Love those Wendy's fries, sometimes I make a special trip just for that. The new vanilla frostie is really good too.

And it's definitely nap time noon on. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Anonymous Lily shined ... (9/09/2006 3:32 AM) : 

I wish I felt energized in the morning! But sadly I normally wake up at noon...

Blogger Paxil Princess shined ... (9/09/2006 11:25 AM) : 

Great feast!
Your name sentence had me crackin up.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous Pixiepincessmom shined ... (9/09/2006 12:06 PM) : 

Please tell me you dip your fries in your frosty too! My hubby thinks I'm such a freak for doing that but something about the salty fry & the chocolate malt together.....

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